Terms & Conditions

General conditions of the site

Section I General Provisions


Art. 1. These general terms and conditions govern the relationship between GOBLEN 1 OOD and the persons using the site and the online store located at https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/.

1) "GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS" - means the present general terms and conditions. By clicking on any link, button or application located on the site, with the exception of the link pointing to these general terms and conditions, the user expressly and unconditionally agrees to the present general terms and conditions for the use of the site and the platform for distance purchases located at https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/.

2) GOBLEN 1 OOD is a limited liability company, registered in the Commercial Register at the Registration Agency with EIK 203749409, with registered office and management address: Stara Reka village, reg. Sliven, 10 Georgi Danchev Street, hereinafter referred to as GOBLEN 1 or the Company.

3) The persons using the site and the online store are persons using the functionalities of the site and users within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, referred to below as user/s or user/s.

4) Site means the website located at https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/.

5) "ONLINE STORE" means the virtual store located at https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/ providing the opportunity to purchase goods via the Internet.

Section II General conditions for use of GOBLEN sites 1


Art. 2. The following terms are the terms of the agreement between you and GOBLEN 1. By accessing, browsing and/or using this website, you automatically confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these terms and that you will comply with all applicable legal and other regulations. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use this website.

1) All images, texts, flash animations, etc. are reserved and for personal use only. Excerpts from the site may be copied, stored and published ONLY with written permission.

2) This site may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and complied with. The information on this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.

3) Information may be changed or updated without notice. TAPESTRY 1 may make improvements and/or changes in the products and programs described in this information at any time and without notice.

4) It is possible that the electronic image is illustrative or the shades of colors have been changed, TAPESTRY 1 does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information and images provided. The recipient uses this information at their own risk.

5) GOBLEN 1 is not responsible for any other website that you can access via https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/. When you access a website outside the https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/ sites, even if it includes the GOBLEN 1 logo or the https://pagane.shop/ logo and https:// pagane.bg/, please accept that the site is independent from the site of GOBLEN 1 https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/, and that GOBLEN 1 has no control over the content of this website. A link from another site to the GOBLEN 1 site https://pagane.shop/ and https://pagane.bg/ does not mean that GOBLEN 1 endorses or assumes responsibility for the content or use of such Web site.

6) To the extent permitted by applicable law, under no circumstances shall GOBLEN 1 be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages from the use of this site, or any other linked web site, including without limitation any lost profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data of your information or other system, even if we have been expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

7) TAPESTRY 1 does not grant any licenses to copyrights, patents or other intellectual property rights. The design, structure and content of the site are subject to copyright and are protected by law. Users can print individual pages, images, logos, and more. from the site, provided that they do not remove their identifying copyright marks, trademarks, etc.

8) TAPESTRY 1 has the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time by updating this notice. By using this website you agree to be bound by any changes made and undertake to periodically visit this page to familiarize yourself with the current terms.

Section III General terms and conditions for the purchase and sale of goods and services through GOBLEN 1 websites


Art. 3. Prices.

1) All prices presented on the site are valid only and only at the time of their publication.

2) TAPESTRY 1 reserves the right to change them at any time. The prices of goods and services presented on the site include all taxes, as for each individual productkt is explicitly stated whether it includes the price for delivery, etc.

3) If the price changes, the User is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time the contract was concluded.

4) In the case of discounts announced on the site, the outdated prices are crossed out, and the price with the discount is announced next to them. If there is a fixed date, the reduced price is valid until its occurrence, and if there is no end date, the reduction is until the quantities of the given product are exhausted.

Art. 4. Orders and delivery of goods and/or services

1) Orders can be placed by all users of the website and the online store. Submitting an order does not automatically save products in our system.

2) Placed orders are confirmed after a call from an employee of GOBLEN 1 or after receiving an e-mail with a text confirming that the order has been processed and prepared for shipment. Orders placed by 3:00 p.m. on the same day will receive confirmation by the end of that business day. Orders placed after 15.00 will be confirmed the next day. Orders are processed Monday through Saturday. All orders placed on Saturday after 12.00 and on Sunday will be processed on Monday. Orders placed during public holidays and public holidays are processed on the first business day following the holiday.

3) All products present on the site are delivered throughout the country by courier companies Econt and Speedy, as well as by own transport. The delivery time is from 2 to 5 working days when the goods are available in the warehouse of GOBLEN 1. The user can choose the method of delivery: to the nearest Econt or Speedy office in the town or to the entrance of his address.

4) If the given product has a "Made to order" status, the delivery time will be communicated to you additionally depending on the type of product and the country of origin.

5) Products are shipped after an employee of GOBLEN 1 contacts the user by phone and receives confirmation from the latter. Confirmation can also be made via the e-mail specified by the user.

6) For the territory of Bulgaria, the delivery price for products worth less than BGN 50.00 is paid. All products over BGN 50.00 have FREE SHIPPING.

7) All shipments are shipped with the "Inspect on Delivery" service. The inspection is limited to an examination of the appearance and contents of the goods and it is not possible to test and try on the product. In the case of receiving it with a transport defect, the user waives his right to exchange. If he does not do this, the item is considered approved, and the consumer loses the right to later claim that the item was delivered to him with obvious defects, the absence of any of the accompanying accessories. TAPESTRY 1 is not responsible for damaged shipments that are not declared in the presence of a courier.

Art. 5. Payment

1) The user can pay the price of the goods ordered from the site by using one of the following methods of his choice:

o Cash on delivery

o Bank transfer

2) By accepting these general conditions, the user gives his express and unconditional consent to pay in advance to GOBLEN 1 the entire sales price of the goods ordered through the site. In the case of payment by "cash on delivery", upon delivery, the buyer receives from the courier a receipt and an invoice, in case the user is a legal entity, which indicates the ordered goods, the sales price due for them, as well as the delivery price and fee Cash on Delivery. The buyer transfers to the courier an amount equal to the total amount (including the price of the goods, the price of delivery and the cash on delivery fee) indicated in the invoice, which is noted in the receipt - handover receipt (certifying the delivery of the goods indicated in the receipt by the courier to the buyer) , which serves as a receipt. By signing the acceptance-handover protocol, the buyer authorizes the courier to hand over on his behalf and at his expense to the COMPANY the amount representing the sales price of the delivered goods.

Art. 6. The distance sales contract between GOBLEN 1 and the user is considered concluded from the moment of confirmation of the specific order by the COMPANY.

Art. 7. General conditions for return/exchange of goods

1) A buyer, who has the status of a consumer within the meaning of the Commercial Code, who has entered into a distance contract with GOBLEN 1, has the right within 14 days to unconditionally withdraw from a distance contract or an off-premises contract without giving a reason, without to owe compensation or a penalty and without paying any costs, except for those of delivery in the event that he has chosen a different than the standard cheapest way for the trader to deliver the order, as well as the costs of returning the goods back provided for in the Consumer Protection Act within 14 days according to the types of contract specified in para. (3), items 1, 2 and 3 of these return conditions.

2) In order for the user to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must notify GOBLEN 1 of his decision to withdraw from the contract with an unequivocal statement before the expiration of the terms under par. (3), items 1, 2 and 3. ApplicationThe request for withdrawal from the Purchase and Sale Agreement can be submitted in the following ways:

o Using the contract withdrawal form attached as Appendix #1 to these general terms and conditions.

o Electronic product return form https://pagane.shop/14-dni-pravo-na-vrashtane

o Another unequivocal application to exercise the right of withdrawal from the Free Form Purchase Agreement.

3) The 14-day period for withdrawing from the Purchase and Sale Agreement starts from the date of:

o which the consumer or a third party, other than the carrier and specified by the consumer, has taken possession of the goods acceptance of the goods - in the case of a sales contract;

o which the consumer or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer, has taken possession of the last good, lot or part - in a purchase - sale that covers many goods that are delivered separately or covers a good consisting of multiple lots or parts;

4) TAPESTRY 1 shall refund all payments it has received, including delivery costs, without undue delay and within 14 days from the date of return of the goods. - (with the exception of the costs of return, which are at the expense of the user or additional costs related to a method of delivery chosen by the user, other than the cheapest standard method of delivery offered by GOBLEN 1).

5) TAPESTRY 1 refunds the amount paid using the same payment method used by the user, unless the User has expressly agreed to another method of refund that does not involve any costs on his part. If GOBLEN 1 has not offered to collect the Product from the User itself, it may withhold the amount received from the User until it receives the product back or until it receives proof of its shipment from the User, depending on which event occurs on -early.

6) The user must send the goods or hand them over in person without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days after the day on which he informed of his withdrawal from this contract (unless GOBLEN 1 himself offered to take the goods) according to Art. 55, para. 2 of the PPE. If the user chooses to use a courier service, the transport costs for the return of goods are at the expense of the user according to the charges of the courier company chosen by the user. When returning the goods by courier, it is RECOMMENDED that the same is sent with insurance for the value of the goods and WITHOUT PAYMENT. if there is no insurance and transport damage occurs, the responsibility and costs are the responsibility of the user. Until the return of the goods by the user to GOBLEN 1, the risk of its accidental loss or damage is borne entirely by the user. The deadline is considered to be met if the goods are sent before the 14-day period expires.

7) Conditions for returning goods

o The goods must be in original packaging and in an undamaged commercial condition;

o Not used;

o It has not been installed;

o Not damaged/broken during transport: if damage is found to the shipment upon receipt by the courier, a Damaged Shipment Protocol is drawn up in the presence of the courier. If a transport defect is subsequently found, the product is NOT subject to return/exchange.

o Be accompanied by an original financial document proving that it was purchased from GOBLEN 1 OOD / fiscal receipt and/or invoice, goods receipt, warranty card and all accompanying documents to the original packaging.

o Be accompanied by all accessories with which it was delivered.

o In the event that the delivered goods were accompanied by a gift, upon delivery of the goods, the gift must also be returned.

8) Provided that the User uses the Legal Right of Refusal, he is responsible for reducing the value of the goods as a result of testing them, outside of the usual way and other than what is necessary to establish their nature, characteristics, qualities and functioning.

o Upon receipt of the goods, GOBLEN 1 inspects and evaluates the same. If it is found that it does not meet the above conditions for return/exchange, on the basis of Art. 55, para. 4 of the Consumer Protection Act, GOBLEN 1 OOD has the right to depreciate the goods in the amount of 10% to 100% in case of total damage of its value, for which a protocol is drawn up. The protocol is drawn up in the presence of the client or sent to him in writing by e-mail specified in the form.

9) In case of refusal of a contract concluded at a distance, the obligations of the parties to fulfill the contract are terminated according to Art. 53 of the PPE.

*Mandatory details when submitting the application are (three names of the user, geographic address and, if available - telephone number and email address) GOBLEN 1 will send you a message on a permanent medium (e.g. by e-mail) to confirm receipt of the refusal.

Art. 8. Warranty service

1) For goods representing electrical appliances on the sites pagane.shop and pagane.bg, a commercial guarantee announced by the respective manufacturer is provided. For cFor every product sold, a valid warranty card is issued, including the terms of the warranty, the details of the product and the duration of the warranty. GOBLEN 1 OOD reserves the right to refuse warranty service for goods when:

o the warranty card/fiscal receipt of the product is lost;

o an unauthorized repair attempt has been made, including actions by the User himself;

o damage caused by incorrect operation of the device is detected;

o the physical integrity of the product is violated;

o the damage is caused by a natural disaster, electric shock, malfunction in the supply network or other force majeure circumstances;

o the client has unpaid debts to GOBLEN 1 OOD;

2) Depending on the type of device purchased, warranty service is undertaken by GOBLEN 1 OOD or by the authorized service centers of its partners.

3) Regardless of the commercial guarantee, the legal guarantee of compliance of the goods with the sales contract applies to all goods, according to the Act on the provision of digital content and digital services and on the sale of goods. Consumers - natural persons have the right to benefit from the legal guarantee of goods and services, established in the ZPCSCUPS. The provision and use of a commercial guarantee does not affect the conditions and remedies regulated by law.

GOBLEN 1 indicates to its users that the body for alternative dispute resolution is the conciliation commissions at the Consumer Protection Commission (https://kzp.bg/), as well as the online platform for dispute resolution https://ec.europa. eu/

Art. 9. Additional Terms

1) The provisions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to matters not settled in these general terms and conditions. All disputes regarding the interpretation and implementation of these general terms and conditions and the interpretation and implementation of contracts for the distance sale of goods ordered on the site will be resolved by agreement, in the event of failure to reach such an agreement and if jurisdiction is not indicated imperatively, the dispute will be referred for resolution by the competent court according to the rules of generic and domestic jurisdiction under the Code of Criminal Procedure.

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