Method of payment

1. IMPOSED PAYMENT (for Econt and Speedy-DPD):

Payment is made in cash or by card when receiving the goods from the courier.

2. ONLINE PAYMENT BY CARD (only for Econt - EcontPay):

What is EcontPay?

A card payment method that you can use when shopping online. Payments are protected by Visa and MasterCard security systems. You can pay with a card issued in Bulgaria or abroad.

What amenities does the service provide?

โ€‹Pay by card and Econt is your security guarantee.

The amount will be debited from your card only after you receive your shipment.

The service is a convenient way to pay when buying a gift because you pay in advance.

You don't need to have cash on hand when you receive your package.โ€‹

How does it work?

When paying by card, the amount for the purchase and delivery of the goods is kept on the payer's account. The reserved amount is withdrawn after receipt and acceptance of the shipment. If the goods are returned or not claimed within 7 days, the amount reserved on the card is determined, without the amount for the courier services for receiving and returning the goods.

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