Eyebrow powder USHAS 3in1 color brown

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Product Code: Ushas
10.00 лв.

Contents: Powder, Templates 3 pcs., Brush

Beautiful, symmetrical eyebrows.

Easy-to-use stamp, 3 different templates and a special brush for arranging the eyebrows.

Take the stress out of eyebrow grooming with this unique product!

The light texture of the eyeshadows will make the application quick and flawless.

Method of use:

1. Select the desired shape from the template

2. Dip the applicator into the cosmetic powder and apply on the template, starting from the center line of the face and working outwards.

3. Make sure you press for a few seconds for the best application of the powder.

4. Correct the final contour if necessary with an eyebrow brush.

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