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Perfect hairstyle without much effort. An ideal combination for your hectic everyday life.

Can easily curl a large volume of hair without damaging the hair. Long-lasting effect with spray or hairspray.


1. Spray a small amount of water on the hair. To get wet.

2. Prepare a clip or barrette. Place the roller on your head and tighten the clip on the top of the head

3. Start braiding your hair around the roller

4. After braiding, tie it with hair elastics.

5. After falling asleep, remove the roller. You now have perfectly shaped curls. Rejoice in them!

Comfortable for sleeping

Product type: Non electric curler

Material: Eva, silk/satin

Dimensions: approximately 95-100cm * 3cm

Weight: approximately 25-30g (1 roller + 2 hair ties of the same color).

Packaging: factory bag

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