Adapter for Dolce Gusto coffee machines

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Adapter capsule fully corresponds to the original adapter. In it you can quickly and easily add the coffee you want.

Get ready for great coffee that tastes great.

adapter for coffee machines Dolce Gusto

Method of use:

1. - Open the capsule lid

2. - Fill with ground coffee or coffee and dry milk. Press lightly with a spoon or other hard object.

- Make sure that the channel in which the silicone seal of the lid fits is clean, i.e. no coffee dust on it

3. - Close the capsule lid and place in the machine.

how to use the adapter

The adapter capsule is very easy to clean, empty the used coffee into the bin and rinse under the tap. It is ready for reuse.

adapter compatibility

Main advantages of using the Adapter capsule:

- Easy to use and economical

- Creates a thick foam on top of your coffee

- Great way to save money

- Easy to use

- Eco-friendly, can also be used for loose leaf tea or chocolate.

Reusable coffee adapter

Dimensions of Adapter for Dolce Gusto

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