2 pieces Reusable capsules for Dolce Gusto

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The set contains 2pcs color capsules - Red and Yellow or Blue and Yellow.
Capsules with reusable filter.
Suitable for all standard Dolce Gusto machines.

 Set - Red and Yellow

Set - Red and Yellow

Set - Blue and Yellow

Set - Blue and Wellow

Create your own capsule with your favorite ground coffee.
   Do you think DOLCE GUSTO capsules are too expensive or do you want to try another ground coffee?
   Then we have the solution - these capsules allow you to try the coffee of your choice - tea or even chocolate.
   Get ready for great coffee that tastes great.

Method of use:
  1. - Open the capsule lid
  2. - Fill the capsule with ground coffee or coffee and dry milk. Press lightly with a spoon or other hard object. Leave the last 2-3 mm next to the channel where the lid fits empty.
- Make sure that the channel in which the silicone seal of the lid fits is clean, i.e. no coffee dust on it
  3. - Close the capsule lid and place in the machine.
- It is important to respect the direction of the hole of the capsule - it must be towards you (6 o'clock direction) when inserting it into the machine so that the needle fits correctly in its bed.
Close the cap tightly

  The capsule is very easy to clean, empty the used coffee into the bin and rinse under the tap. It is ready for reuse.

Main advantages of using Coffee capsules:
- Easy to use and economical.
- Creates a thick foam on top of your coffee.
- Great way to save money.
- Easy to use.
- Eco-friendly, can also be used for loose leaf tea or chocolate.
Components of the capsule

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